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If you think Agents are the most important assets of a real estate brokerage, Join us

If you're in real estate, you know our business can be frustrating: long hours, clients with seesawing demands, and deals that take forever to close. And if you're working in a traditional real estate brokerage and make a sale, the lion's share of the commission goes to the broker. Meanwhile, you're paying big fees for marketing that promotes the brokerage, not you.

Athena Real estate puts the agent first

We've been there, done that, and had enough. So we invented a new way to structure a real estate brokerage. We view our agents as our partners. We devote the resources, tools and techinques you need to build a solid client base and make sales.

Here's why should consider becoming an Athena agent:

  • More commission income to the agent
  • No monthly fees
  • Cutting-edge technology tools and IT support, including an online dashboard showing the status of every deal and document
  • Access to exclusive listings
  • Free marketing support, including:
    • Custom-branded marketing templates
    • A personalized web page
    • Access to prospect databases and lead generation software with templates

What was that about more commission income?

At Athena, your enhanced commissions are generated in one of two scenarios:

  1. Standard deal: Agent receives 75% of the commission income
  2. Agent has on ownership interest in property:
    Agent receives 80% of the commission income

Athena listing sells at $450,000. 6% commission income is $27,000. Athena agent income: $20,250. If agent has an ownership interest in the property, Athena agent's income rises to $21,600.

Competitor listing sells at $450,000. 6% commission income is $27,000. Under a 50/50 split with no fees, agent income is $13,500 - $6,750 less than with Athena. Under a 35/65 split with fees, agent income is initially $17,550 - $2,700 less than with Athena, and agent still has to pay hundreds of dollars in marketing and support fees.

Athena Bonus:
No commission deductions for "national" or marketing fees. Full marketing support, including your own web page and custom-branded templates. The chance to work with a progressive, professional team!

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